For personal injury attorneys and law firms, a big question we typically get is which one gets better results: Bing Ads or Google Adwords.

Without writing a long essay, the simple clear-cut answer is Google. And here’s why.

First, Google is the number one authority when it comes to internet search advertising as it has been around for nearly two decades (i.e. 1998). Google offers more of everything when contrasting it to Bing. For example, Google has the most search volume, by a significant margin.

Now, I cannot emphasize this point enough. If you allocate $5,000 per month to spend on ads to get new clients, you want to actually spend that money. Depending on the specific type of personal injury cases that you’re aiming for, Bing may not be generating nearly as much ad traffic compared to Google.

Of course, this advantage is obvious if you consider taking advantage of local search queries and optimizing for Google’s Local AdWords tool that allows law firms to dominate geo-specific keywords/types of injuries and places. And, when combined with Google Maps, your law firm’s visibility becomes nearly impossible to miss for potential clients that are in imminent need of legal representation.

Additionally, there is the flexibility and ability to extend the visibility of your advertisement through the use of Google’s ad extensions, which are extensive when compared to Bing’s options. Further, Google Adwords’ interface is a simpler easy-to-understand platform to use and navigate in contrast to Bing’s.

Also, Google AdWords is very dynamic in that it allows advertisers like law firms place ads on Google searches, partner websites, map pages and YouTube. And with its display network, you can easily target demographics and you can also target relevant partner websites on which you want to advertise. That said, advertising on Google’s display network is not for novices. And it’s probably not something I would recommend for most law firms advertising online, however, if done correctly, it can be very efficacious.

Another important element to consider is predictability. Our research has shown that the return on investment (ROI) coming from Bing PPC tends to fluctuate whereas with Google Adwords, the ROI seems to be much more consistent, which allows a law firm to have a predictable way to project leads and new cases.

Lastly, a big major drawback to Bing’s ad platform is that it offers far less target locations in contrast to Google AdWords. Google offers a significantly vast array of targeting options, which include the following:

  1. Searching by cities and regions
  2. Designating a point on a map and then setting a target market radius around it
  3. Selecting a pre-determined lot of locations
  4. Ability to exclude selected areas

To sum it up, in 2016, and as we enter 2017, the Google platform is a better place for personal injury law firms to spend their online marketing dollars. As Bing changes and perhaps increases in popularity, this may change but with the status quo, the choice is obviously clear that Google Adwords is king in the personal injury online marketing space.