By this time, as a plaintiff-side personal injury attorney, you should already know that advertising on the Google Adwords platform (Google) is a must if you want to generate a consistent stream of cases and clients.

And frankly, for most PI attorneys, they’re well aware of Google and have likely attempted to run some ad campaigns. Sadly, at least from a monetary perspective, for the vast majority of PI attorneys, they’ve done a crappy job of running a successful Google ad campaign that provides a good ROI on their investment and money spent on running ads.

In looking over numerous Google ad campaigns and after talking with many personal injury attorneys, I have noticed that there are 2 main things that attorneys need to understand before spending thousands of dollars on a Google campaign. And I’ve distilled those two main points here –

Target Different Types of Injuries
First, to run a successful Google campaign, you need to target dozens of keywords that target specific types of injuries and that target search results that show an intent to buy (i.e. people who need your representation now).

For example, if you were to run a campaign, would you advertise for the phrase “car accident” or “car accident lawyer” – clearly, you’d advertise for the latter example because it shows an intention to buy on the part of the person who is seeking legal representation versus the former example where someone may just be searching for general things related to a car accident.

While most lawyers understand this concept, they typically miss the idea that you should be advertising for dozens of specific types of injuries. For example: “semi-truck injury lawyer”, “semi-truck hospital lawyer” or “semi-truck accident lawyer” – while they all relate to a semi-truck accident, people will type in a search using different words or phrases and you should be able to have an ad that speaks to their search. Here, just from a semi-truck type of accident, you should be running at least 3 ads that target the different ways that people search for an attorney.

Multiple Landing Pages That Speak To Your Visitor
Second, you need to have different website landing pages that visitors visit based on the keywords they searched. Most personal injury attorneys have just one landing page where they send all their visitors to. One potential client may click on an ad for “motorcycle accident lawyer” and another potential client may click on an ad for “dog bite attorney” and most law firms will send both people to one landing page – this is completely wrong!

You see, when a visitor clicks on an ad and goes to a landing page, that landing page needs to speak to that particular ad. You can’t have a person go to a landing page that talks about the different types of cases that you represent – that type of experience will likely not persuade that visitor and will not talk to their immediate need. You do not want to have that visitor search and go on a hunt throughout your site to see if you handle their particular type of case – rather, you want to easily spoon feed your website visitor.

A much better approach is to design several concise and specific landing pages that speak directly to the type of ad that a visitor has clicked on. So in the example above, the person who clicked on the ad for a dog bite would be taken to a landing page that only discusses dog bites and the person who clicked on the ad for a motorcycle accident would be taken to a landing page that only discusses this type of accident.

It’s all about speaking to your audience (i.e. your website visitor). You need to understand that running a Google ad campaign requires more than just putting up an ad. Rather, you need to understand what TYPES of ads to run and also you need to be able to CAPTURE those leads when they visit your site.

If you need help making sure you have an effective Google ad campaign setup, contact us.