Creating a high-converting advertisement on the Google Adwords platform is only half the battle for personal injury lawyers who are using it to generate cases. Once a person clicks on your firm’s Google ad, that person is then taken to a landing page – presumably your law firm’s website.

The purpose and intent of having a Google ad is to have people click on your ad (a link) to learn more about your services, for say the term “motorcycle accident lawyer in San Francisco” or “hit and run ambulance injury attorney”. And this is where the vast majority of personal injury lawyers (and most plaintiff-side attorneys in general) make the mistake of having just one landing page for all their ads.

Remember, do not send visitors to your website’s home page! This approach is distracting and your conversions – the number of website visitors who eventually call your office to schedule an intake appointment – will be very low (as low as 2-3%, ugh).

Rather, you must send visitors to one special landing page for targeted for each type of keyword/injury that you are advertising on Google for. By having a landing page tailored to a specific type of injury, you are being extremely relevant to that person’s imminent need to want legal representation that your firm can provide.

For example, if a person clicks on an ad for “motorcycle accident lawyer” they should be taken to a specific landing page that talks about things that a motorcycle accident victim should be aware about. That page should discuss the statute of limitations, types of recovery that they can obtain, etc. Additionally, that page should discuss your expertise and experience handling motorcycle accidents.

Similarly, if a person clicks on a Google ad for “car accident attorney” they should be taken to a specific landing page that only discusses car accidents and your experience in that field, nothing else.

Accordingly, you do not want to send people to a webpage that talks about your entire personal injury practice. No. Conversions will be significantly higher (up to as much as 20 percent) if you target specific, concise landing pages to specific keywords/types of injuries.

The above advice is summed up by the term RELEVANCY. You need to be the most relevant attorney that speaks to that person’s plight/injury.

With that being said, you’ll likely need to have dozens of specific landing pages with specific copy tailored to different keywords and injuries. When a visitor visits one of your landing pages you want to easily spoon feed them with information that will make them want to quickly pick up the phone. In contrast, if you send them to your general website that talks about all the types of cases that you handle, you’ll send them on an expedition to see if in fact you can represent them. Further, by sending them to a general page, the visitor will not get the impression that you can handle their case. On the other hand, if a visitor visits a site where it is ONLY discussing their particular injury or personal injury problem, then that visitor will have the impression that you can handle their case and that you are not merely a generalist PI attorney.

Remember, the goal is to have a landing page that speaks that potential client’s needs – if you do that, you will definitely generate more client intake appointments that should result in more cases.

Good luck!