Note: This is a guest blog post by our in-house personal injury attorney consultant Joseph Franco. Joseph Franco is a California-barred personal injury attorney that brings his 8 years of lawyering experience to the team. Mr. Franco has extensive experience helping other civil attorneys with online digital marketing. During his career, Mr. Franco has worked for the California Supreme Court and has litigated and negotiated over $10 million dollars in settlements on behalf of his injured clients.

As a plaintiff-side personal injury attorney I understood the challenges that solo practitioners and small law firms faced when trying to generate new clients and cases. My real-life lawyering experience in conjunction with our team’s vast technical expertise allows our company to provide excellent digital marketing services to personal injury lawyers and firms that is unlike any other service.

As I was saying…

I have done it all! I’ve given talks at union meetings, spoken on the local AM talk show, had a brief segment on the local TV morning news, and attended dozens of festivals and carnivals. All that has required a lot of sweat equity and not to mention time away from other things I’d rather be doing like spending it with family and friends.

After having done all of the above things to generate new clients and cases, none of them compare to the results that I’ve achieved with internet digital marketing.

And by digital marketing I’m specifically talking about the Google AdWords platform(Google).

I genuinely believe that Google is king when it comes to marketing options for PI attorneys. And research supports this.

And I have distilled why Google is king in 3 concrete reasons –

Red Hot Leads
First, you’re able to target red hot leads that are anxiously looking for your specific services and representation. You just cannot target prospects any better than with Google.

With Google I get to choose the specific keywords/injuries and phrases that I want to target. For example, I can choose to have ads that appear whenever a person types in the word “semi-truck accident lawyer in San Francisco” or “bicycle accident attorney” so any person who types these words will see my Google ad. Again, these are red-hot leads that likely need imminent representation and my Google ad will definitely catch their attention and likely get them to call me.

Also, I can target people searching for legal representation based on where they live so if I know that there are certain cities where there are few PI attorneys, I will place Google ads in those places where I will be one of the few attorneys that will pop up in a search result.

These are just some of the few tools and techniques that Google provides PI lawyers who are seeking to take advantage of the hundreds of people searching for an attorney in your geographic area every day.

Results Are Measurable
Second, a big advantage that Google provides is that you can measure the results from your ads. I can control how much I spend on ads and I can measure the number of people who click on an ad and visit my law firm website. So you’re able to constantly assess and determine whether your Google ad campaign is doing well or if you need to tweak it a bit.

This is vastly different from the marketing events I mentioned at the beginning of this post – you really can’t measure how effective going to a festival or giving a talk at a union meeting will be in terms of getting leads. You can certainly try to calculate this but it’ll likely be a guess. In contrast, with Google ads, you know exactly how much it will cost to have a person click on your ad and visit your firm website. This, in turn, allows you to best determine the types of ads to show to these potential clients so you’re in complete control of the marketing.

From The Comfort of Your Home
Third — and this is a major one – by using Google ads you are able to market your law firm and services without having to leave your office or home. While you’re in the office or perhaps arguing before a law and motion judge, your Google ads will constantly be running (if you wish) and you’ll be getting clients calling to schedule intake appointments. With Google ads I do not have to drive to an event and network my butt off, I don’t have to drive to the local radio station and talk, etc. Rather, I merely set up my Google ad campaigns with my computer, adjust who I want the ads to show to, and turn my campaign on. It’s the most efficient marketing tool that allows you to generate clients without interrupting your day-to-day work.

So there you have it – 3 simple yet concrete reasons for why Google ads are a GREAT marketing tool that all personal injury attorneys should definitely be using to reel in more cases per month. Of all my successful PI attorney friends, all of them, 100%, use Google ads as one of their primary ways of bringing in cases.

So I’d definitely recommend a new solo practitioner and established law firm to give Google ads a try and see where it can take their business toward.