By now, I imagine that you have attempted to run a Google Adwords (Google) campaign and have realized that writing a good, high-converting ad is not as simple as it ostensibly looks. On the other hand, you may be among the many personal injury attorneys and firms that is about to run a Google campaign and is reading up on how to make sure that their first time’s a charm.

With that said, I’ve written this concise and short list of copywriting tips for plaintiff-side personal injury attorneys that will help you have attention-grabbing Google ads that will convert more leads.

But before I provide those quick tips, I will assume that you know the basics of advertising on Google. For example, you’re limited to 130 characters (25 for your headline, 35 for the URL, and 35 for the first line of your ad description and another 35 characters for the second line of your ad description).

And lastly, I will assume that you’re already following the basic tenets of copywriting on Google – for example, that you are using keywords in your ads (you can’t imagine how many personal injury attorneys don’t) and following Google’s policy guidelines (NoPe, tHiS IsNt aLlOwEd).

Be Very Relevant
The number one way to be relevant is to include the keywords that a person is searching or in your actual ad copy. If a person is searching for “semi-truck accident attorney” then you better make sure that your ad has these same exact words somewhere (preferably in your headline). Again, the point is to be relevant!

By mirroring the same keywords used by your potential client you will achieve maximum relevancy. Additionally, Google will bold the terms in your ads that match the search query so you’ll stand out from other ad competitors.

One quick way to do this is to use the Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) Adwords function that allows a law firm to insert a user’s search query into a specific area of your ad.

Include Numbers or Statistics
Numbers and statistics in your ads speak volumes especially when they’re placed throughout your ad – both in the headline and in the body copy.

So put some compelling statistics or figures — for example, mention how many millions of dollars in settlements you’ve obtained on behalf of your personal injury clients. Or mention whether you have a particular 10/5 star-rating from a respected website. You can also include the number of clients you’ve successfully represented over the years. The point is to provide a statistic to the audience that will help them evaluate whether to click on your ad versus other ad competitors that don’t provide similar numbers.

Use the word “YOU” or “YOUR”
Having relevant ads means appealing directly to your audience. By using the word “You” or “Your” in your headline or copy you will then speak to that user’s need much more than other ads that do not include either of these words. Don’t merely repeat your law firm name in an ad — do better than that and tell your audience the end result of your legal representation — for example: “Smith Law Firm – We Get You Results”. So remember to use these words.

To quickly sum it up, writing effective Google ads targeting personal injury clients takes time, patience and practice. The 3 tips above can significantly improve the quality of your ads (along with your click-through rates and Quality scores), which in turn should result in a greater return on your digital marketing investment. I will be providing additional tips in later blog posts.